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Shri Gowri Shankara Mahal
Goddess Gowri & Lord Shankara comfortably sitting on Nandi
blessing you at the entrance of Shri Gowri Shankara Mahal

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Welcome to Shri Gowri Shankara Mahal.

Marriages are made in HEAVEN, ofcourse some Heavenly marriages held in Shri Gowri Shankara Mahal, a newly built Palatias Marriage hall conveniently   located on West of Chord Road,Rajaji Nagar Industrial Town just 3 kilometres from City Railway Station, Bangalore.

Shri Gowri Shankar Mahal built on
the basis of love,affection, value for
relationship making it ideal place for
confluence of two hearts...

The very name Shri Gowri Shankara
evokes the divinity,
splendour,grandeur,opulence &